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Handling Dental Injuries with Your Emergency Dentist in Lawrenceville

December 16, 2017

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Whether you suffered an injury from a sporting accident or just turned a corner too quickly, hurting your mouth can be devastating for your oral health. If you’ve knocked out or broken a tooth after an accident, the first step is always to remain calm. Once you read these tips from your emergency dentist in Lawrenceville, you’ll find that first step to be much easier.

You’ll also be able to help any friends or family if they experience a dental emergency, so be sure to inform them on these tips as well; they’ll thank you for saving their teeth later.

What to Do When Your Tooth Gets Knocked Out

Make sure to save the tooth as it can be reimplanted by your dentist. When doing this, pick it up by the top part or the crown and avoid touching the root as this could damage the tissue that aids reimplantation. If you’re an adult, try placing the tooth back into your socket and biting down to keep it in place. Only do this if you’re sure you’re placing it in the proper way.

If this doesn’t work, keep the tooth in a container with either milk, saltwater, or saliva to prevent it from drying out. Once this occurs, it may not be saved and an implant would be needed to replace it. Schedule a visit with your emergency dentist in Lawrenceville.

How to Handle Broken or Chipped Tooth

If you only experience a small crack, you may just need a filling or a crown depending on the size. However, any cracks that reach all the way through need to be extracted. Typically, broken teeth don’t cause much pain as you’d expect. However, you can expect some sensitivity in that area as your saliva remineralizes the damage.

Call your dentist and provide them as much information as possible. The more info they have, the better they can help you once you come in. Describe your condition and detail the incident so they can determine what work needs to be done.

If Your Mouth Is Bleeding or Swelling

If it was just after an injury, take gauze and apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding. If you notice bleeding after brushing or flossing, you’ll want to see your dentist so they can treat your possible gum disease. Do this within a month to prevent it from growing any further.

Swelling is a sign of dental infection and needs to be treated by a dentist immediately. Stay upright and drink plenty of fluids. It’s easy to get dehydrated with an infection and doing so will only create more problems.

If There’s Pain While You Bite

Avoid chewing on the side the pain is coming from until you see your dentist. You should try to see them within a week as pain in the mouth could be a cracked tooth, bruxism, and even a pulpal abscess. However, you won’t know until your dentist examines it. Take painkillers as needed and apply ice packs to your cheek to mitigate any pain.

Don’t panic during a dental emergency. Stay in touch with your emergency dentist in Lawrenceville!

About the Practice

Our Lawrenceville general dentistry practice wants to put you at ease during your dental emergency. Dr. Bruce Carter and his team work hard to get you into the office for an emergency consultation as soon as possible. To learn more about their practice, you can contact the office at (770) 995-7616 or visit their website.


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